All products of CMB MADE KNIVES will be passed the factory professional QC inspection and warrants that the knife will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

The warranty of CMB MADE KNIVES does not apply to products purchased from unauthorized distributors and resellers.
Notes for warranty:
  Removal or modification of knives is not covered by warranty.
  The warranty does not cover all kinds of man-made damages such as loss, theft, misuse, negligence, rust or improper sharpening.
  If any party other than CMB MADE KNIVES repairs your knives,the warranty will be unconditionally invalid.
  If the purchased knife cannot be used normally, please contact your dealer for replacement or technical guidance.
  If it is verified that your knife has defects in workmanship or material, we may repair or replace your knife, or replace it with a knife of the same model or equivalent valuebased on availability.
  Please contact us via warranty@cmbmadeknife. com to apply for service or warranty.



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